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Our DBT training program is lead by Peter King (Institute Director) and has been the foundation program of the Centre for Mental Health Education since 1999. Through the Centre for Mental Health Education, the staff of the Australian DBT Institute have delivered DBT education to thousands of mental health professionals Australia wide. Attendees have included Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Psychotherapists, Youth Workers, Occupational Therapists and Mental Health Nurses from Australia, Singapore, Canada, USA and New Zealand.

DBT provides individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder a combination of group skills training, individual psychotherapy and phone coaching. Participants in DBT programs are asked to monitor their symptoms and use learned skills daily, while tracking individual progress using diary cards and other strategies throughout therapy.

Each year the Australian DBT Institute provides a range of education opportunities. In 2018 the following offerings for mental health professionals will be available.

Register for our 2018 Workshops in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

*The Foundations of DBT workshop is a requirement for all those seeking to attend our other DBT workshops, excluding those who have attended a Marsha Linehan DBT workshop*

If you are seeking training in DBT for your organisation please contact Peter on 03 9448 2361 or email peter@cmhe.org.


Foundation Training & Areas of Practice Training in DBT Fees

Foundations DBT workshop (1 Day) – $250.00 (Early Bird) $330 (Full Fee

All other one day DBT workshops – $302.50 per workshop (Early Bird) $330 (Full Fee)

Comprehensive Training in DBT (5 Workshop Days, 6 Consult Group Sessions & 12 months of online content to establish your DBT practice) – $2,100 (Early Bird Rate) $3,800 (Full Fee)

The Australian DBT Institute provides leadership to the mental health sector in the application of DBT and modified DBT programs for specific populations that include youth, Indigenous Australians, correctional settings and psychiatric emergency settings. The Australian DBT Institute gives consumers & carers the confidence that accredited DBT programs apply treatment in an evidence-based manner that emphasises clinical outcomes and results.

If you are seeking training in DBT for your organisation please contact Peter on 03 9448 2361 or email peter@cmhe.org.